Galina Agafonova
Agafonova Galina was born in 1988 17 of may in Kiev. She is Russian.
In 1991 she moved with her family to small Russian town Voskresensk (Moscow Region). Live and work in Moscow now.
In 2019 she have studing at Elena Sukhoveeva and Viktor Khmel New PhotoSchool.
Student of The Rodchenko Art School now.
Group exhibitions:
• Festival of Contemporary Photography "Young Photographers of Russia 2022" (Kaluga, Russia)
• Festival of Contemporary Photography Rotterdamphoto 2022 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
• Festival of Contemporary Art ARTWEEK 2022 (Novosibirsk, Russia)
• Exhibition Eco Art Russia 2022 (Yekaterinburg, Russia)
• Exhibition of contemporary art Wells Art Contemporary 2020 (UK)
• Festival of Contemporary Photography "Young Photographers of Russia 2020" (Kaluga, Russia).
• Exhibition "Water 2020" in New York NYC4PA (USA)
• Contemporary art exhibition London Group Open 2019 (London, UK)
• Special mention for Prix De La Photographie 2020, 2021 (Paris, France)
• Laureate and scholarship holder of the competition "Young Photographers of Russia" 2020 (Russia)
• Winner of the "Water 2020" competition in New York NYC4PA (USA)

Works are in private collections in London, Krakow, Prague, Moscow.

Galina works with the already existing space of nature and the urban environment, supplementing it with introduced objects, modeling and documenting her own altered reality with the help of photography. The artist explores the phenomenon of variation using the effect of reflection in flexible mirrors that form space within space. Reflections create a sense of augmented vision and transform the perception of landscapes and architectural structures familiar to Russia. The artist works with such concepts as duality and hope.
With the inner desire of a city dweller to break out into nature and the inability to stay on it for a long time. With the dependence of modern man on the urban environment and infrastructure.
Galina is interested in colliding simple things in an everyday situation and finding new meanings and realities in this opposition. To see the ambiguous and contradictory in the simple and understandable.

+7 (916) 415 52 22